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GE Inspection Systems X-ray Machines for Sale. We Buy Used GE Inspection Systems X-Ray Machines We Buy, Sell and are a Supplier of used GE Inspection Systems Industrial X-ray Machines We are a dealer specializing in second hand GE Inspection Systems Industrial X-ray machines used in sand, low pressure, permanent mold, die casting, foundry and forging operations. GE Inspection Systems digital real time industrial X-ray machines are used in foundry, forging and die cast operations for non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection of aluminum and magnesium castings and forgings using imaging techniques for flaw detection. Common casting flaws include lack of casting integrity, cracks, cold lap, porosity, inclusions, lack of material and shrinkage. GE's Inspection Technologies business partners provides a full suite of non destructive testing solutions, including radiography, computed tomography, remote visual inspection, ultrasound, eddy current, hardness testing and metrology.