Used Industrial X-Ray Equipment For Non-Destructive Testing

used xray equipment for sale die cast trim pressThe purpose of industrial radiography is to view the quality of products in the manufacturing process.  Industrial radiography  is a method of inspecting materials for hidden defects by using short X-rays and gamma rays to penetrate various materials and is the preferred method of nondestructive testing or NDT. Since NDT does not damage the product under inspection, it is a valuable technique that can save money and production time.

Shrinkage as molten metal cools during the manufacture of die-castings, can cause non-homogeneous regions within the work piece. These are manifested, for example, by bubble shaped voids or fractures. Voids occur when the liquid metal fails to flow into the die or flows in too slowly, whereas fractures are caused by mechanical stresses when neighboring regions develop different temperature gradients on cooling. Other possible casting discontinuities include inclusions or slag formation.

X-ray is used in testing and grading welds on pressurized piping, large storage containers, pressure containers, pipelines, and structural welds.  Common problems in high pressure die casting due to the process are cavities, cold fills, oxide films, dross, entrapped air bubbles.  X-ray is an invaluable tool to perform nondestructive testing in the die casting process. Industrial radiographers can radiograph any solid, flat material (walls, ceilings, floors, square or rectangular containers) or any hollow cylindrical or spherical object. The inside of a product can be examined with penetrating such as X-rays or 3D X-rays for volumetric inspection. Cracks and other defects can be detected.  In some cases, a die can be used to add contrast to the X-ray.

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